Manhat is a deep technology startup based in the United Arab Emirates; focusing on "natural water distillation" patented technology for sustainable water and floating farm solutions.

Our vision

Our vision at Manhat is to deliver sustainable water technologies for water and food security.

With a clear ambition in mind to create a better future for all, Manhat was created as a brainchild of our founder Dr. Saeed Alhassan Alkhazraji. Even the process of settling on a name began with the establishment of clear and unwavering criteria, traits, and circumstances for selection. We wanted a name that would reflect the grandiosity of our goals, and we thought the five elements of nature best captured what we envisioned.

The Greeks had postulated the existence of the five elements. Four of them were the elements of nature: fire, air, water, and earth. Eventually, alchemists came to use four triangle symbols to denote these substances. The fifth element, which has several different names, is much rarer than the four physical ones. Many people refer to it as Spirit or Quintessence or Aether (literally "the fifth element" in Latin).

The Arabic term for water is spelled 'Ma'.'Ardh' represents earth. The Arabic term for fire is 'Nar,' “Huwa”, represents air.'Ardh' represents earth.. Then the Greek word representing the fifth element “Aether”, forming the first five alphabets of our name - MANHA. The “T” of Manhat is to symbolise and give an arabic sense and feel to our name. The conception of the Manhat logo was likewise substantially influenced by the five natural elements.

The founders unanimously agreed on the name and moniker MANHAT serving as the global movement's guiding light!

Our Team

Dr . Saeed Alhassan Alkhazraji


Mr. Vishnu Vijayan Pillai


Mr. Sreekanth Mohanakumar

Business Consultant